Teamsters Airline Division Hosts Crash Investigation Training

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Pilots, flight attendants and mechanics hosted the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Crash Investigation and Bloodborne Pathogen Training on November 1 and 2 in Louisville, Ky. The training, provided by the Teamsters Airline Division, was led by aviation safety experts John Goglia and Greg Feith.

“Although this training is an essential part of the division safety program, we hope that we never have to use it,” said Joe Ferreira, Teamsters Airline Division Director. “Thank you to these dedicated individuals for attending, as well as Tim Boyle, Teamsters Local 2727 President, and the Local 2727 Executive Board for their hospitality.”

Richard Lindsay from the Teamsters Training and Grants Department provided bloodborne pathogen training. Pilot Safety Representatives Russ Leighton and Patrick Holyfield, Airline Division Safety Coordinator and International Representative Chris Moore, and International Representative Michael O’Brien were in attendance to provide their expertise.

The volunteers who attended the training are the next generation of Teamster safety representatives that will assist the NTSB as subject matter experts if a Teamster-represented carrier should suffer an accident. Having union safety representatives as part of the investigation is imperative. Rank-and-file Teamsters are the operators, maintainers and managers of these aircraft. Aviation Teamsters provide firsthand experience and operational knowledge that the NTSB doesn’t have.