DHL Sort Workers ‘March on the Boss’ to Demand Management Stop Threats and Intimidation


Teamsters Fight for Workers' Right, Respect on the Job at CVG

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(CINCINNATI) – Sort workers at DHL’s global hub at Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG) “marched on the boss” on Wednesday to demand an immediate end to management’s intimidation tactics and union busting.

Over 1,500 sort package handlers at CVG are fighting to form their union with the Teamsters. The workers were joined in solidarity by their ramp and tug co-workers who joined Teamsters Local 100 in December 2023. Throughout both organizing campaigns, the company not only violated federal law under the National Labor Relations Act but also failed to abide by the terms of its National Neutrality Agreement between the Teamsters and DHL Express.

“I came out today in support of my sort brothers and sisters who are seeking respect and to join us as Teamsters,” said Tim Owen, a ramp and tug worker at CVG and a member of Local 100. “DHL needs to stop its aggressive tactics and intimidation and instead respect the rights of our co-workers who are fighting to join the Teamsters to improve their working conditions.”  

“I believe the union is important because, without a union, we do not have any protection against our employer,” said Brandon Capurso, a sort worker at CVG. “DHL has infringed on our rights by retaliating against the union and changing policies to harm its workforce. I want to become a Teamster so we have a voice at work and job protections.”

The Teamsters represent over 6,000 DHL workers nationwide. Despite the company’s pledge not to interfere with nonunion workers’ efforts to join the Teamsters, DHL has conducted a ruthless corporate-sponsored anti-union campaign directed at both Teamsters and nonunion DHL workers. These callous and often illegal actions have led the Teamsters to file numerous unfair labor practice charges against the company with the National Labor Relations Board.

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