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Teamsters Commend Wisconsin Supreme Court for Upholding Amazon Flex Ruling

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(MADISON, Wis.) – Teamsters Joint Council 39 is commending the Supreme Court of Wisconsin for dismissing a challenge to a state appeals court ruling that found Amazon Flex drivers are employees – not independent contractors – and are therefore owed unemployment insurance benefits.

“This decision is a victory for workers and a long overdue indictment of sham business models like the Amazon Flex Program,” said Bill Carroll, President of Teamsters Joint Council 39. “The only ‘innovation’ that Amazon came up with by implementing this program is a new way to rip people off. It’s far past time that Amazon learn to respect the labor laws of this country, accept that it’s an employer, and pay for the taxes and benefits associated with that responsibility.”

The decision comes amid a renewed focus from policymakers on Big Tech’s ongoing efforts to evade accountability by misclassifying their workers as independent contractors. The Dept. of Labor recently introduced new guidelines intended to crack down on the practice, and a federal appeals court recently upheld a similar standard in California. In Massachusetts, Teamsters are leading opposition to another measure that seeks to enshrine unlawful practices by “gig” companies into state law.

“This company promises its workers ‘flexibility’ and the chance to ‘run their own business.’ The reality is this is merely a way for Amazon to outsource its costs to workers and taxpayers while it reaps massive profits,” said Randy Korgan, Teamsters Amazon Division Director. “This decision makes clear that Amazon’s business model isn’t about freedom, it’s about fraud.”

Teamsters Joint Council 39 represents more than 18,000 workers at four local unions throughout Wisconsin.