Teamsters Local 633 Beats Back Right to Work in New Hampshire


(CONCORD, N.H.) – Teamsters Local 633 Business Agent Keith Judge, Organizer Alyssa Croteau, and Recording Secretary Scott Gove spoke out in opposition to “right to work” legislation at a hearing in the New Hampshire Senate.

“Our State House of Representatives already voted down this legislation because attacks on workers’ rights have no support among New Hampshire voters,” said Jeff Padellaro, Local 633 Secretary-Treasurer. “The anti-union politicians who held this hearing just so they could grandstand should be embarrassed. I’m proud that we were there to call this out for what it was – a charade.”

“‘Right to work’ is a lie designed to weaken workers’ rights and lower wages. It strips the financial strength of labor unions, leaving them with no power to fight the company,” Gove said.

For the Senate bill to be re-considered, it would require a vote from two thirds of the lower chamber just for a hearing to be scheduled, an outcome that’s virtually impossible given that the measure already failed once this session. Nonetheless, New Hampshire Teamsters stand ready to continue to defeat “right to work,” just as they have for the past 35 years.