Teamsters Attend Pilot Fatigue Management Seminar

Hollyfield and Zachary Cooke

Teamsters Flight Safety Representative Patrick Holyfield recently participated in the Pilot Fatigue Management Seminar held by the Airline Pilots Association in Washington, D.C. The conference covered the span of two days with topics ranging from the implementation of fatigue risk management techniques, irregular operations fatigue issues, and fatigue program protections.

“The Airline Division is proud to report that we have some of the strongest, most robust fatigue programs in place for our pilots,” said Bob Fisher, Teamsters Airline Division Director. “Piloting is a career that provides unique challenges, but the Teamsters have maintained a high standard for fatigue protections for all our members.”

While all airlines are required to have a Fatigue Risk Management Program, not all of them are created equal – for example, many fatigue programs do not offer adequate pay, attendance, or rest protections for the pilot. The disparities are seen at carriers across the industry, and the Fatigue Management Seminar allowed experts in the field to come together and work to address these disparities.

“We believe many strides have been made in answering the question of how to implement strategies to mitigate issues leading to fatigue,” said Holyfield. “With our union taking a leadership role on these issues, we have a front row seat to navigating what recommendations will result from these seminars and working groups.”