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More UPS Administrative and Specialist Workers Join Teamsters from Coast to Coast


New groups of UPS administrative and specialist employees have been certified for Teamsters representation throughout the country as recent organizing efforts have brought dozens of new members into the union across 10 states.

The latest wave of organizing stems from a memorandum of agreement (MOA) secured by the Teamsters under the union’s national UPS contract, guaranteeing employer neutrality during administrative and specialist organizing campaigns.

“Building Teamsters membership at United Parcel Service was a key part of our record-breaking contract victory last year and it remains key to enforcing the industry-leading contract we have at UPS,” said Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien. “With these ongoing campaigns to organize specialists and admins, we are creating new good-paying union jobs and growing the power of Teamsters in this industry.”

The newly organized administrative and specialist workers follow their co-workers who joined the Teamsters through previous successful organizing drives by Local 89 in Louisville, KY, and Local 322 in Richmond, VA. More administrative and specialist workers have since joined the union at Local 25 and Local 59 in Massachusetts; Local 89 and Local 651 in Kentucky; Local 90 in Iowa; Local 135 in Indiana; Local 120 in Minnesota; Local 294 in New York; Local 431 in California; Local 483 in Idaho; Local 710 in Illinois; and Local 728 in Georgia.

By joining the Teamsters, the workers will now enjoy the benefits of the administrative and specialist addendum to the UPS National Master Agreement. The addendum applies the UPS Teamsters’ general wage increases to the classifications, brings new members under TeamCare health coverage, and establishes or restarts pension plans for the now-protected workers.

“Across the country, local unions are stepping up and answering the call to organize these workers thanks to the MOA and addendum to the national contract. This is about building on the success of what is already the strongest Teamsters contract ever negotiated at UPS and bringing thousands of administrative and specialist employees into the union,” said Johnny Sawyer, Teamsters Package Division Coordinator.

“Our organizers are on the ground working with local unions to continue signing up administrative and specialist workers nationwide,” said Chris Rosell, the Teamsters National Director of Organizing. “If you are an administrative or specialist worker at UPS, contact a local near you to start the process of becoming a Teamster today.”