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Amazon Teamsters Extend Strike to Connecticut, Joined by Sen. Blumenthal


Workers Ramp Up Pressure Against Amazon’s Unfair Labor Practices

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(WINDSOR, Conn.) — Amazon delivery drivers represented by Teamsters Local 396 in Palmdale, California, extended their picket line Wednesday to the BDL4 Amazon fulfillment center in Windsor, Connecticut, to demand the e-commerce giant stop its unfair labor practices and bargain with the Teamsters Union to improve wages and address dangerous working conditions.

Joined by U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut State Senator Douglas McCrory, and State Representative Manny Sanchez, the Palmdale workers met with associates at the fulfillment center in Windsor to grow support for their fight to build power for Amazon workers all across the country. At the picket, the workers also called on Amazon to reinstate their jobs, recognize their union contract, and engage in collective bargaining with the Teamsters Union to increase pay and improve working conditions.

“I’ve never been prouder to walk with any group than these Amazon workers who are fighting for fair pay, safe working conditions, and respect. You deserve and you need a contract,” Blumenthal said. “Amazon is degrading its own people, putting profits ahead of people, and putting its stock price ahead of its workers. To Jeff Bezos: you can go down as the hero or villain in this piece, all you have to do is treat workers fairly. Give workers fair pay, safe working conditions, respect, and a contract. America is watching.” 

“We’re called Amazon partners and we’re not considered Amazon employees, yet we wear their uniforms and we drive their vehicles,” said Deion Steppes, an Amazon delivery driver and Teamster from Palmdale. “What Amazon is doing is unfair and unjust. You are our employer and we are your employees.” 

After organizing with the Teamsters in April 2023, the California-based delivery drivers made history by bargaining a first-of-its-kind contract with Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP), Battle-Tested Strategies (BTS). Amazon refused to recognize the union contract and has instead engaged in dozens of unfair labor practices in violation of federal labor law, including terminating the entire unit of newly organized workers.

“I want to thank the Teamsters for standing up for these hardworking people who want a livable wage, a wage that they can raise their families on, that they can buy groceries with. They need a contract,” McCrory said.

“Everyone deserves a fair contract, a fair wage, and health care,” Sanchez said. “Amazon, your big guy Bezos makes billions and billions in profits. It’s time for you to share some of that money and bring it to the people that actually do the work for you. You wouldn’t have those billions if it weren’t for these hardworking individuals. We’re going to support them every step of the way to get a contract.” 

Amazon Teamsters launched an unfair labor practice strike in June 2023 and have since expanded their picket to over 30 Amazon warehouses in 10 states from coast to coast. The picket extensions have fostered unity among Amazon workers throughout the country and provided critical opportunities to discuss shared struggles, including safety concerns over exposure to extreme heat as the east coast wraps up its first heat wave of the summer. In Palmdale, summer temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees. 

On the same day Palmdale drivers extended their picket, Amazon drivers in Skokie, Illinois, went on an unfair labor practice strike at the company’s DIL7 delivery station. Inspired by the Palmdale workers’ demand for a fair contract, the 100 Skokie drivers organized with Teamsters Local 705 and are now demanding Amazon recognize their union and come to the table to bargain a contract that provides safe working conditions, good wages, and quality health care.

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