Teamsters at Gardner Cryogenics Overwhelmingly Ratify First Contract


Teamsters Local 773 Secures Substantial Pay Raises, Ends Strike

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(BETHLEHEM, Pa.) – Following a two-week strike, Teamsters at Gardner Cryogenics have overwhelmingly ratified their first Teamsters contract. The 184 skilled workers, who joined Teamsters Local 773 in February, manufacture specialized tankers for transporting liquid helium and liquid hydrogen.

“This contract is monumental. For years, we were told the improvements we sought couldn’t be achieved, but we proved the company wrong and called its bluff,” said Rob Reznick, a Local 773 member and Production Technician at Gardner Cryogenics. “The new contract significantly enhances sick time, vacation, paternity leave, and other benefits. We’ve proven once again that when Teamsters fight, Teamsters win.”

The new three-year collective bargaining agreement provides an immediate 10 percent wage increase in the first year, and an additional 4 percent each of the remaining two years. Alongside significant wage increases, the new agreement dramatically reduces the cost of health care, improves retirement security, and enhances job classifications.

“Gardner Cryogenics’ parent company reported a staggering $12.6 billion in sales last year, but shamefully attempted to force workers who make it so profitable to swallow subpar wages and benefits,” said Dennis Hower, President of Local 773. “Our members are not going to be bullied. They stood united and demanded a contract that respects their skill, hard work, and dedication to this company.”

Nationwide, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents over 10,000 skilled workers who transport and manufacture tanks for essential liquids and gasses.

“Corporate greed is no match for the grit and determination of rank-and-file Teamsters,” said Juan Campos, Director of the Teamsters Tankhaul Division. “These members stood strong, held the line, and secured a strong first Teamsters contract. I congratulate them for staying together and winning such a lucrative first contract.”

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