Beat the Heat: Enforce the Contract

With the summer months approaching, it is critical that UPS Teamsters understand and enforce the historic heat protections that we fought so hard to win last summer, including the June 1 deadline for UPS to install a second fan in all package cars. Locals are encouraged to use the materials in this toolkit to enforce Article 18 language and help members take the proper precautions to protect themselves from heat-related injury and illness.

In this toolkit:

Heat Safety Fact Sheets

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Cool Off Flier

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Heat Safety Building Audit

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Beat the Heat Webinar

The Teamsters Package Division and the Training and Grants Department recently held a national contract enforcement training webinar on heat safety, harassment, and other issues. Speakers discussed A/C in new vehicles, heat shields, air induction vents, ice machines, water fountains, and building fans. Participants also learned about enforcing language against management harassment, combatting retaliation, and other topics.

Rally Sign & Social Media Graphics

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Click here for a list of Teamster printers and contact the International Union’s Department of Strategic Initiatives directly at 202-624-6911 to connect with a Teamster printer.

The following guidelines for printing should be shared with the printer you use:
• Sign size: 18″ x 12″
• The sign is full color, full bleed

Click below to download social media files

Use language from the leaflets for social media posts with these graphics.

Reminder: Contract Enforcement Trainings

Contract Enforcement Trainings are available to assist locals with educating business agents, stewards, and rank-and-filers on contract enforcement at UPS. Trainings have been held at more than 100 locals so far. This five-hour program includes an overview of:

If your local is interested in hosting a Contract Enforcement Training by the International, please reach out to the Training and Grants Department at (202) 624-8724.