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10 reasons to oppose the S. Korea trade deal -- from Tea Partiers!!

The job-killing trade deal with S. Korea will probably be sent to Congress this week.

Many, if not most, of the 193 Democrats in the House of Representatives will oppose it. A big question is how many of the 50-some Tea Party Caucus members (all Republican) will also vote against it? 

We were intrigued to find this website,, which has a very Tea Party look and feel to it (e.g., pictures of Ron Paul). We're especially fond of the Donald Trump quote they use, "It’s NOT free trade and only a moron would sign it."

Anyway, here are 10 more reasons, per, to oppose the deal:

1.Undermines U.S. sovereignty in favor of international law & foreign tribunals of UN & World Bank.

2.Violates U.S. Constitution by circumventing Congressional authority regarding appropriation of U.S. tax dollars.

3.State legislators oppose it because it undermines State’s sovereignty.

4.Negotiated with expedited Executive authority & Congress is banned from amending or fully debating it.

5.Kills almost 160,000 U.S. jobs & encourages offshoring by multi-national corporations.

6.Favors powerful multi-national corporations over U.S. small business even when bidding for government contracts.

7.Not real “free trade” – benefits Korea much more than U.S. & increases U.S. trade deficit by $16.7 billion.

8.Allows unsafe food products into U.S. without inspection

9.Benefits NORTH Korea & strengthens Chinese leverage against us.

10.Immigration – throws open US doors to Korea

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