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Today's Teamster News 01.16.15

Hoffa: Teamsters Put Corruption In Its Past  USA Today   ...The Teamsters Union and the U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York filed an application with Chief Judge Loretta Preska requesting that she approve an agreement to end decades of government oversight of our union. We anticipate that the court will approve the agreement...

Today's Teamster News 08.30.14

Teamster News
Teamsters Warn Of Anti-Trust Obstacles To Sysco-US Foods Merger  IBT   ...The union hosted today’s call to educate investors, analysts and members of the press about the potential imbalance the merger would create within the food service industry - an imbalance that could have widespread, negative effects on customers, providers and consumers and workers across the country...

Today's Teamster News 10.04.13

Teamsters Across Washington Support Local Grocery Store Workers   ...The Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28, which represents more than 50,000 members and their families across Washington, Alaska and Northern Idaho, says it will honor a grocery worker strike if one occurs...

Teamsters say feds ignore dangerous Mexican trucks

The federal government is looking the other way at Mexican trucks that are serial violators of U.S. safety laws, but the Teamsters aren't.

The Teamsters have long fought hard against opening the border to dangerous Mexican trucks. Today in the press the Teamsters blasted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for its lax oversight of the pilot program to let Mexican trucks travel beyond the border zone.


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