North America's Strongest Union


Today's Teamster News 10.26.12

Can U.S. soldiers wear made-in-USA uniforms?  manufacture this   ...A bipartisan group of 52 Members of Congress have signed a letter to the Pentagon, requesting that the U.S. military issue uniforms made in America, not China...According to the letter, the Department of Defense has recently "started circumventing this policy by issuing cash allowances for soldiers to purchase their own training shoes..."

Today's Teamster News 06.09.12

Bernanke signals no imminent steps to aid economy  Associated Press   ...Slumping job growth has alarmed some economists who fear the U.S. economy is in trouble. (Federal Reserve Chairman) Ben Bernanke doesn't appear to be one of them...
Trade Deficit for April 2012 - $50.06 Billion  Instapopulist   ...The United States basically has two major ongoing problems with the trade deficit, Chinese goods and Oil imports...


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