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VIDEO: Danny DeVito wows the Teamsters

Who knew? Danny DeVito brought the Teamsters out of their seats last week at the 28th Convention. The director of the 1992 film "Hoffa" gave a passionate speech about sticking together in the union, and the crowd ate it up.

Of course when you stand in front of 6,000 Teamsters and call Scott Walker a "jamoke" and a "bum," you're bound to get some enthusiastic applause.

Or when you say things like,

10 yr old moves Teamsters to tears

Teamsters who attended the 28th convention in Las Vegas last week are clamoring for this youtube video of 10-year-old Christopher Duffley. Well, here it is.

The New Hampshire boy sang "Lean on Me" after General Secretary-Treasurer Tom Keegel, who's retiring, said an emotional farewell to 6,000 Teamsters at the Paris Hotel. Teamsters generally pride themselves on not crying, but Christopher managed to move many to tears.

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