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Tankhaul Division

Welcome to the Tankhaul Division webpage. We hope this site will serve as a source of information on the latest developments in the division.

Keith Gleason - Division Director

Teamster tankhaulers make a big difference in all our lives, but most people are unaware of their contribution. Tankhaul drivers keep homes warm, fuel tanks full and life-sustaining oxygen flowing to people who need assistance breathing.

The Tankhaul Division represents highly skilled, cautious drivers who transport essential liquids and gases all across the United States and Canada. These workers make their living controlling 30 tons of steel and making invaluable contributions to our lives.

The Tankhaul Division works to ensure that employers meet their commitments to Teamsters-represented employees. The division is committed to:

  • Increasing the overall numbers of members;

  • Negotiating multi-area, multi-employer Tankhaul agreements

  • Raising wages, benefits and other conditions of employment;

  • Protecting Teamster jobs by resolving grievances and disputes that may arise between employees and employers; and

  • Devising and implementing a strong Tankhaul Master Agreement.

One of the newest divisions of the Teamsters Union, activities and affairs of the Tankhaul Division are coordinated daily with regional representatives.