Divisions & Conferences


Airline Division

We represent more than 80,000 airline employees including mechanics, customer service agents, reservationists, simulator technicians, ramp agents, stock clerks, dispatch personnel, flight attendants and pilots. The Airline Division of the Teamsters Union continues to negotiate some of the best contracts …

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Bakery and Laundry Conference

The Bakery and Laundry Conference is the oldest conference within the Teamsters Union. It started in 1906 because bakery drivers were among the first groups organized by the Teamsters in an effort to expand their membership beyond team drivers. Not …

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Brewery and Soft Drink Conference

The Brewery and Soft Drink Conference of the Teamsters Union brings together members employed in the brewing and soft drink industries, as well as allied industries such as fruit juices, liquor, bottled water and can manufacturing. Responsibilities of the conference …

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Building Material and Construction Trade Division

The Building Material and Construction Trade Division represents a wide variety of proud, loyal and skilled workers. These members include riggers, demolition workers, landscapers, pipeline workers, building supply manufacturers and more. The division has negotiated industry-leading contracts and also formed …

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Carhaul Division

The Carhaul Division represents thousands of hardworking Teamsters across the United States and Canada. Workers in this industry safely transport loads of cars and trucks from one location to another. Teamster Carhaulers have been doing this work under the National …

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Convention, Trade Show and Casino Division

The Convention, Trade Show and Casino Division represents Teamsters who install trade shows and conventions, and those who work in hotels and casinos. The division helps locals organize and represent all employees who work in the industry throughout North America. …

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Dairy Conference

The Teamsters represent tens of thousands of dairy employees nationwide as members of the Dairy Conference. These employees are pasteurizers, cheesemakers, gallon filler operators, yogurt processors, maintenance workers and more. With unfair trade deals constantly threatening jobs in the dairy …

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Express Division

The Express Division was created in 2008 to handle all matters relating to DHL Express (this includes DHL Independent Cartage Contractors or ICCs) and Air Express International (“AEI,” formerly known as Danzas). The Express Division’s regional chairs oversee implementation of …

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Food Processing Division

Tens of thousands of Teamsters across the continent are members of the union’s growing Food Processing Division. The division represents many classifications of worker, including production line workers, mechanics, forklift drivers, machine operators and more. They help prepare, process and …

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Freight Division

The Freight Division represents the interests of truckers across North America. Hundreds of locals and tens of thousands of Teamsters are part of the division, which represents truck drivers, dockworkers, mechanics, office personnel and many others. Every day, the Freight …

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Graphic Communications Conference

The Graphic Communications Conference (GCC) represents workers in all craft and skill areas in printing including newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, high end commercial print, plastics for the food and medical industry, packaging including corrugated box and paper food containers, metal …

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Health Care Division

The more than 50,000 workers represented by the Teamsters Health Care Division care for children, families, the elderly and veterans, as doctors, nurses and blood collection personnel in a variety of settings including hospitals, wellness centers and at the American …

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Industrial Trades Division

The Industrial Trades Division is one of the largest in the union, representing a wide scope of jobs. The division covers workers at manufacturing plants, car rental companies, parking lots and many other types of employer. With members in nearly …

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Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division

The Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division represents thousands of workers in the motion picture industry, including firms that produce feature films, television programs, commercials and live theatrical productions. The division’s Teamsters in the industry include drivers and other transportation …

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Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic Media Conference

The Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic Media Conference brings together workers engaged in all phases of the printing process, from design to printing to delivery. The conference represents Teamster members employed in the newspaper, printing and electronic media industries. Working with …

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Package Division

The Package Division is the union’s largest division, serving hundreds of thousands of members throughout North America. UPS is the single largest employer in the Teamsters Union. The division is responsible for ensuring that management abides by the UPS and …

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Passenger Transportation

The Passenger Transportation Division represents tens of thousands of drivers, monitors, aides, attendants, mechanics, dispatchers and more, all across North America. Teamster members drive school buses, shuttles, coach vehicles, taxis and more, serving communities far and wide. The Passenger Transportation …

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Port Division

Ports in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are the economic engines of regional economies employing hundreds of thousands of workers. Ninety-five percent of the goods imported to our countries flow through our ports. Teamsters are among the best-paid …

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Public Services Division

The Public Services Division of the Teamsters Union is one of the largest and fastest-growing divisions in the union. Members of the division provide critical public services, whether at the city, county, state, or federal. As unsung everyday heroes, these …

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Rail Conference

The Teamsters Rail Conference represents more than 70,000 rail employees in the United States who work as locomotive engineers, trainmen and maintenance of way workers on the five major freight railroads, Amtrak and numerous commuter rail systems and short lines. …

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Solid Waste and Recycling Division

The Solid Waste and Recycling Division currently represents tens of thousands of Teamsters across North America. The sanitation industry is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few powerful corporations, but the division has developed strong networks among locals that …

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Tankhaul Division

The Tankhaul Division represents highly skilled Teamsters who transport essential liquids and gases. These workers keep homes warm, fuel tanks full and oxygen flowing in hospitals. The Tankhaul Division works to ensure that all employers meet their commitments to Teamster-represented …

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Warehouse Division

The Warehouse Division represents Teamsters in warehousing, distribution and related industries. Workers in this division include lift truck operators, equipment operators, drivers and clerical employees. One of the division’s largest contracts is with Costco, where Teamsters have given workers a contract and a strong voice for decades.

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