Help Teamsters Build Worker Power at Amazon

This year, thousands of UPS Teamsters all over the country built a powerful rank-and-file campaign to win a strong contract at UPS. Our unprecedented mobilizing and credible strike threat secured the strongest Teamster contract in UPS history, inspiring workers throughout the nation who are taking on corporate America.

But the fight isn’t over. Amazon has just become the nation’s largest delivery service, surpassing UPS. Amazon’s low wages and dangerous working conditions are driving down the industry standards we have won at UPS.

The good news is that Amazon workers are beginning to organize and fight for the kinds of workplace protections we have at UPS. Are you interesting in learning more about how the Teamsters are helping workers take on Amazon and how you can support them?

Sign the Pledge to Stand with Amazon Workers

YES, I will stand with Amazon workers who are taking on the trillion-dollar ecommerce giant to win better wages and safer working conditions — and protect the hard-won industry standards we have at UPS.

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