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  • 1927: Wise “Uncle Dan”

    By 1927, the state of the labor movement needed all the help it could get, and there was no better orator or writer to convey the necessary message for the tough economic times than Dan Tobin. Keenly aware of financial difficulties, the 20-year leader of labor's most successful union had earned the respect to espouse constant advice in countless speeches and articles throughout 1927, giving money-saving tips and. Concerned with the plight of working families, Tobin increased the union effort to promote wage scales and increase solidarity between union members of all trades and affiliations.

  • 1926: Back to Europe

    During the 3-part series of articles, from November 1925 to February 1926, Tobin reports from overseas during another meeting of the League of Nations in Geneva, traveling throughout Europe on a trip that appears to be both personal and business.

  • 1925: Eulogizing Gompers

    Tobin and Gompers had shared a bond, and it’s impossible to understand the Teamsters Union without recognizing Gompers’ impact on the fledgling union. The tribute to his “life-long friend” focused not on his role in labor but his impact on the country, seeking to honor his citizenry. Of all the accomplishments, Tobin, a fellow immigrant and outsider, channeled the patriotism of the labor legend.


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