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Teamsters Local 710 Triumphs at UPS Grievance Panels

Business Agents Fight for New Positions, Win Multiple Pay Claims

The Teamsters Local 710 UPS Business Agent Team of Del Schaefer, Ron Dillon, Simon McNamara and Neil McKinney have been fighting hard for UPS members at grievance panels.

“We’ve been very successful at the panels these past few weeks,” said Schaefer. “The company has been trying to get away with a lot of things that violate our contract, and we’re going to keep going after them to ensure our members are protected.”

Here is a recap of their latest wins for the members:


Schaefer secured over $3,000 in pay claims at local levels earlier this month. The grievances filed were primarily over 9.5 issues and seniority.


Six members filed grievances after they were called into work on a day with severe storms that produced a tornado. They were sent home after one hour, but they were not paid their daily guarantee. The panel ruled in favor of the Union and all six members won their pay claims.


Dillon worked to add two package car jobs and one 25.11 combo job at the Hammond facility after management violated the contract with regard to TAW (Temporary Alternative Work). Two members on TAW were working well past the contract-defined 29 days in that position – one case being 57 days.


A 29-year Package Car Driver was returned to work after being wrongfully terminated in June.

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