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Teamsters Package Division Reviewing Thousands of UPS Contract Proposals

With thousands of proposal sheets coming in, today the Teamsters Package Division began the process of organizing and reviewing each proposal submitted by members from the union’s nearly 200 UPS locals. 

Throughout the morning and afternoon, each submitted proposal was read aloud by Package Division Director Sean O’Brien to the Division's regional chairs and co-chairs. The proposals were discussed and, where necessary, staff was assigned to contact individual locals to clarify any proposal that was unclear.

The following sections received the most proposals:

  • Health Welfare and Pension (Article 34)
  • Overtime/9.5 (Article 37)
  • Subcontracting/Coyote (Article 26 and 32)
  • Safety and Health (Article 18)
  • Part-time Wages (Article 22)

“These proposals represent the direct input from members. We take every submission seriously as we begin the process of crafting the Teamster proposal to UPS,” said O’Brien. “This meeting was just a first step in digesting the ideas that our members have for improving their lives and workplace.”  

Following today’s initial review, all of the proposals will be vetted by the wider screening committee in the upcoming weeks.