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Disney Update for Teamsters

Parks Closing Indefinitely as Coronavirus Spreads

Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World resort in Florida will remain closed until further notice as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread in the United States, the company recently announced. This is the first time in Disney history that all of their parks worldwide are closed. 

Disney has promised to continue paying furloughed cast members, including Teamsters, through April 18 and has not yet announced what will happen after that. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted public health officials and government agencies to halt travel and issue stay-at-home orders. Revenue for theme parks and resorts has halted because of this. Disney closed its parks on March 14 as coronavirus infections were skyrocketing and initially planned on reopening on April 1. As COVID-19 continued to spread and social distancing guidelines were extended until April 30, the indefinite shutdown was announced.

Local 495 in Covina, Calif. and Local 385 in Orlando, Fla. represent a wide variety of workers at Disneyland, Disney World, Disney’s California Adventure and the Disney Warehouse. Both full-time and part-time Teamsters work in attraction, as well as characters, bus drivers, ranch hands, laundry workers, parking attendants, animal handlers, truck drivers, warehouse workers and other classifications. 

“We will continue to fight for our Disney members’ livelihoods and the Teamsters Union won’t rest until they are taken care of,” said Bob Lennox, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 495 and co-chair of the Disneyland Master Services Council. “We will continue to update our members on the latest at Disney.”

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