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Teamsters Urged to Patronize Restaurants' Curbside Pickup, Delivery

With more and more states ordering the closure of restaurants as coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, our members working at broadline food distributors are facing severe economic hardship.

However, many restaurants are offering curbside pickup or delivery service to customers, and we urge Teamsters and others to patronize the restaurants offering these alternatives. 

"Our members at Sysco/Sygma, US Foods/FSA, PFG/Reinhart and other companies keep these restaurants operating daily, and the closures are already having an impact on their livelihoods," said Steve Vairma, Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. "By using the curbside pickup or delivery services, where available, it will help not only the restaurants get through this crisis but also our members.

"There's a good chance that the independently owned restaurant in your area is serviced by Teamsters, as well as many chain restaurants," Vairma said.

From the many food items to supplies such as napkins, utensils and salt and pepper shakers, Teamsters deliver what restaurant owners need to serve their customers.

The Teamsters represent about 15,000 workers at Sysco and US Foods alone.

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