Aeromedical Services For Teamster Pilots

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Airline Division has partnered with Dr. Ian Blair Fries, M.D. to provide our pilot members with medical consultations specific to aviation, assistance in dealing with FAA medical certification issues, and fitness to fly determinations. Dr. Fries, a Senior FAA HIMS Aviation Medical Examiner, with practices in Vero Beach, Florida, and Brick, New Jersey, is available directly by phone. Read more, here.


The Benefits Department was created in May of 2001 to meet the needs of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the bargaining and administration of benefit plans. The Director and Staff support local and national collective bargaining by providing information requests, reports, benefits analysis, benefits communications and benefits comparisons for the Union and its affiliates.

Responses to various benefit inquires from members, plan sponsors, and Local Unions are coordinated through the Benefits Department. Additionally this Department provides policy and legislative analysis related to Teamster multi-employer and single employer health and welfare and pension plans.

Contract Negotiations

One of the most essential needs of a Union member is successful contract negotiations. The outcome of these negotiations will determine not only the pay, benefits, and quality of life but practically every aspect that will impact our members’ families and their professional lives for many years. It is for precisely this reason that the Airline Division has put together a top team of professionals to assist our Local Unions with contract negotiations.

Negotiating under the Railway Labor Act (RLA) is typically a long and complicated process. In addition to Local members who are the best source for specific issues at the airline; a successful outcome requires a team of professional negotiators and attorneys all of whom need contract administration experience, negotiation experience, as well as RLA experience.

Data & Contracts

The Data & Contracts Department is a key source of financial, statistical and agreements information.

With connection to the most powerful electronic databases available today, the department provides local affiliates and International Union personnel with both collective bargaining and organizing. The department maintains the largest contract database of any union in North America, with more than 350,000 current and expired Teamster labor agreements.

Legal Representation

The Division provides expert advice and assistance on the full range issues that may arise through its staff and IBT Legal Department attorneys who are assigned to work with the Division. The majority of issues include NMB election, mediation, collective bargaining support, contract enforcement, Railway Labor Act issues, and bankruptcy proceedings.

Legislative Advocacy

Teamster solidarity can bring about better working conditions on the job and Teamsters can work together to influence national and state government policies that impart working men and women. On behalf of the union, the Federal Legislation and Regulation Department coordinates that activity—lobbying in Congress, testifying before congressional committees and federal agencies, coordinating with the White House and executive branch departments, activating union members to meet or communicate with elected officials, supporting efforts by Teamsters to protect their interests in state capitals, and building political power.


The Organizing Department coordinates the organizing activities of Teamsters throughout the country. The department is available to assist local unions, joint councils, and trade divisions and trade conferences in establishing organizing programs, supporting local campaigns, developing budgets, recruiting and training volunteers, and providing materials.

The Organizing Department also helps to coordinate industry-wide and company-wide organizing efforts, participates in joint organizing campaigns with other unions, and assists in mergers and affiliations.

Safety & Health

The Safety and Health Department is responsible for developing occupational safety and health and transportation safety policy for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The department also provides technical and regulatory information as well as support to IBT Trade Divisions, Conferences, IBT Departments, Joint Councils, Local Union Affiliates and Rank-and-File Members. Safety and Health Department staff provides regulatory and technical support to IBT affiliates during collective bargaining activities and are very involved in rulemaking activities conducted by various federal, state, and local governmental entities.

Specifically, department staff routinely provides assistance on issues such as: workers’ rights pursuant to OSHA and DOT, transportation safety, chemical hazards and “right to know,” medical qualifications for drivers, drug testing, exposure monitoring and ventilation, and work-related injuries.

The department also administers a comprehensive hazardous waste and hazardous materials handling training program (EPA Superfund, Department of Energy, and Department of Transportation) with centers throughout the United States, and can assist locals in establishing safety and health committees and training programs.

Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Initiatives works closely with the Airline Division to spread information on union programs and goals to members, their families, retirees, allied organizations, public officials, the news media, and the general public. The department also promotes Teamsters concerns and campaigns to the news media, and responds to media inquiries and develops innovative strategies and campaigns to help win justice and better treatment for workers who want Teamster representation. As well as, works to build Teamster power in the capital markets. With roughly $100 billion invested in equity assets, Teamsters are working to reform how Corporate America does business—ensuring that Teamster money works for Teamster members.

To communicate with Teamsters members, the department produces the Teamster Magazine, which keeps 1.2 million members and retirees, informed about Teamster programs, their rights on the job, and ways that they can get involved.

The Strategic Initiatives Department works closely with other International Union departments—including Government Affairs, Safety and Health, Data & Contracts, Training and Development, Organizing, and the Trade Divisions and Trade Conferences—to prepare print and audio-visual materials, and to help coordinate campaigns for Teamster members.

Training & Development

The department creates programs and materials to train Teamster officers, staff, stewards, and members on topics of concern for the Union. The department works to encourage member involvement in securing better contracts, organizing new members, winning better laws, and strengthening local unions.

The department sponsors the Teamsters Leadership Academy, which provides training on all subjects vital to local leaders, bargaining, organizing, political action, and all aspects of union administration. The department also conducts educational programs for joint councils and local unions on the role of the steward, effective bargaining and building membership participation. The department works closely with the Airline Division to enhance our meetings and conferences. All programs and materials are continually updated to meet the needs of Teamster locals throughout North America.

The department serves as advisor to the Teamsters Human Rights Commission to develop programs and materials relevant to human rights issues. The department also provides staffing to support special projects like contract campaigns, and works closely with other IBT departments to better serve the needs of Teamster officers and their members.