Tulsa News: AA Mechanics Announce Majority Support For Teamsters At Key Stations, Blitz Tulsa Area

What a weekend! While our campaign at US Air continues to gain strength, our brothers and sisters at AA—the mechanics and related employees in Tulsa—joined forces with Teamster organizers and mechanics from other airlines this past weekend to announce majority support for the Teamsters at 14 stations nationwide. Mechanics and organizers also spent the weekend engaging in door-to-door conversations with AA mechanics throughout the Tulsa area. And the media took notice!

Check out the live New On 6 report about the AA Teamster drive that aired on Saturday night.

Several local Tulsa TV news stations and newspapers covered the efforts this weekend. Tulsa World ran this article on Sunday.

The successful weekend in Tulsa represented another massive push to get the AA mechanics and related over the top and reach majority so that they can vote in the Teamsters. As Airline Division Representative and Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition Chairman Chris Moore said at the press conference, it is the grassroots campaign led by mechanics that has brought us to where we are today.

“With 11,000 workers spread out across the country, this has been a major undertaking that has been led by AA mechanics from the beginning,” Moore said. “It is their passion and desire to improve their representation that drove this campaign and enabled us to get to this point in such a relatively short time.”

Just before hitting the doors to talk to coworkers, mechanics held a press event that was attended by all four major local TV news stations and two of the major area newspapers. They announced that a majority of cards for Teamster representation have been signed in TUL, AFW, LAX, MIA, JFK, DWH, SFO, EWR, TPA, ATL, DCA, LAS, SAT, and PHX.

“This is a huge step in the right direction in a short amount of time,” Joe Moberly said on Saturday. Joe is a 24-year AA mechanic at Tulsa. “We are well on our way to being part of the union that represents more aviation mechanics than any other in the nation – the Teamsters.”

Watch the News On 6 report and share it with your coworkers. We need to keep pushing forward and get more of our coworkers to sign cards. Let’s get it done!

With the TEAMSTERS We Can WIN!

While the campaign at AA continues to roll, our campaign at US Air is also gaining strength. For more information, visit www.USAirTeam.org or call the Fresh Start campaign hotline at 1-800-786-9627.