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Construction Workers in Quebec, Canada, On General Strike


More than 175,000 construction workers across Quebec, Canada, went on strike today over contract negotiations which failed to reach a resolution.  The major points of disagreement between the unions, represented by the Trade Union Alliance, were work schedules, salaries and overtime demands.

“Employers are asking us to sacrifice time with our families to be available for work. There are limits and they have been reached.” said Michel Trepanier, a spokesperson for the union alliance, according to the Canadian Press. 

Teamsters Canada President Francois Laporte issued a statement saying, “This labor dispute is all the more significant because our brothers and sisters in the construction industry are fighting for the middle class as a whole. Deteriorating working conditions in this industry could have repercussions on all workers in Quebec. This is why we must remain united, committed and steadfast for as long as it takes.”

Members of Teamsters Local AMI in Canada, numbering 10,000 members, are participating in the strike. Laporte called upon all local unions in Teamsters Union to honor the picket lines across the province of Quebec.

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