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An update from Building and Construction Trades Division Director Marion (Bubba) Davis:


Despite the national emergency, some projects at energy plants nationwide are continuing.  Teamsters provide bus transportation at these construction sites and therefore extra cleaning has been undertaken for the buses in order to comply with CDC guidelines. In some cases, we have increased the number of busses in order to comply with social distancing suggestions.

In our pipeline construction industry many workers have returned to their homes and this has resulted in the work being shut down, temporarily, however, there are still notifications coming in everyday for new projects albeit small in nature.

Most highway projects have remained unchanged due to the fact that social distancing is easier to comply with due to the nature of the work.

Our division is coordinating with the Teamsters legislative and political action department to make sure that legislation brought to Congress protects our members and we will keep you informed on any new developments in the building and construction industry.

Our staff is communicating daily and is scheduling frequent conference calls to keep plans in place to service our members and contracts within this Division.