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California Port Truck Drivers are on Strike!


Port truck drivers are on strike! Their employer, Universal Logistics Holdings (ULH) affiliated Universal Intermodal Services (Universal), illegally fired truck drivers, denied them back pay, and refused to recognize and bargain with the union they legally won. Instead, Universal fired them all in retaliation for voting for the Teamsters, and moved their work to drivers misclassified as independent contractors at ULH’s other affiliated entity, Southern Counties. The U.S. government has issued a complaint against Universal, Southern Counties and other ULH companies, alleging that they have committed over 20 violations of federal labor law. But it doesn’t stop there.

Truck drivers delivered for our families and communities throughout this pandemic. But many of them got sick because ULH companies refused to provide them the supplies they needed to stay healthy. Universal and other ULH affiliated companies must stop exploiting workers. 

Now, port truck drivers are coming together to call on Universal, Southern Counties and other ULH affiliated companies to rehire illegally fired drivers with back pay, respect drivers’ right to form a union, and stop misclassifying drivers as independent contractors.

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