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President Joe Biden to Attend Teamsters Rank-and-File Presidential Roundtable


Biden Meeting with Teamsters, Leadership on March 12 in Washington, D.C.

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(WASHINGTON) — The International Brotherhood of Teamsters will host a rank-and-file Presidential roundtable with President Joe Biden on Tuesday, March 12, at the union’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. President Biden has committed to meet with union members, the Teamsters General Executive Board, General President Sean M. O’Brien, and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman.

“We realize that President Biden’s time is limited and we appreciate that he is making it a priority to meet with Teamsters. Our rank-and-file members and leadership are eager to have this conversation about the future of our country and the commitments that working people need from our next President,” O’Brien said.

In December, the Teamsters invited all declared candidates for U.S. President to participate individually in roundtables to discuss issues important to rank-and-file Teamsters and their families.

The union held a roundtable with former President Donald Trump in January, and convened roundtables with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Asa Hutchinson, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Cornel West, and Dean Phillips in December. Nikki Haley declined to participate.

President Biden will have the same opportunity as other candidates to discuss how, in a second presidential term, he and the Teamsters can work together to empower and protect workers, promote high labor standards, and strengthen the American economy while expanding the middle class.

Roundtable topics include workers’ wages and wealth inequality; corporate bankruptcy reform; antitrust enforcement in the warehouse and package delivery industries; and the freedom to form and join a union more quickly and safely.

“There are 1.3 million Teamsters working in every essential trade industry in the U.S. Our members represent every political background, including no affiliation, and we participate in every election cycle at every level. Through these roundtable conversations, the Teamsters want to make sure that all our members’ voices are heard and our elected officials do not take for granted the power of the Teamsters vote,” O’Brien said.

Rank-and-file members participating in the roundtables represent the diverse Teamsters membership, including UPS drivers, American Red Cross technicians, film and television workers, freight operators, law enforcement, and public employees.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has not issued an endorsement in the 2024 race.

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