Oregon Teamsters Applaud Passage of Warehouse Worker Protection Bill


Teamsters Commend State Legislature, Urge Gov. Tina Kotek to Sign HB 4127 Into Law

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(SALEM, Ore.) — The Teamsters commend the Oregon Legislative Assembly for passing House Bill 4127 (HB 4127), a bill that would improve worker safety in the e-commerce and warehouse industries by ensuring hidden workplace quotas do not interfere with workers’ rights and safety standards.

“Secret quotas produced using arbitrary algorithms by companies like Amazon take advantage of workers to maximize profits,” said Mark Davison, Teamsters Western Region Vice President and President of Joint Council 37. “HB 4127 is of significant importance for working people across this state because it will address unrealistic production quotas that have produced dangerous working conditions for thousands of Oregon warehouse workers.”

“Like legislation already enacted in New York, California, and Washington, HB 4127 aims to enhance working conditions for warehouse workers throughout Oregon, particularly those facing hazardous conditions and unrealistic production standards,” said Austin DePaolo, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 223. “This bill promotes transparent and accountable practices that prioritize the safety and well-being of workers without impeding a company’s operations.”

“Operating procedures for warehouse workers are often not consistently conveyed or fully explained properly, which leads to unsafe working conditions, serious accidents, and injuries,” said Steve Konopa, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 305 and Joint Council 37 Legislative Director. “We are seeking for companies to be held accountable and transparent for the safety and well-being of the workers who make them profitable. Everyone in our state deserves the right to work in a safe environment and to know the expectations of their employment.”

Oregon Teamsters are urging Oregon Governor Tina Kotek to sign this legislation as swiftly as possible. Nationwide, Teamsters are advocating for laws that protect the rights of warehouse workers and address unrealistic quotas and hazardous safety conditions. California, Connecticut, New York, Washington, Minnesota, and other states have passed similar legislation.

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