8-Hour Requests: Make UPS Respect Your Time

UPS managers care about one thing: production. They don’t care about the valuable time of our members and their families. That’s why we fought for new language under Article 37 of the UPS Teamsters contract that gives drivers stronger enforcement measures to make UPS fulfill 8-hour requests.

All UPS locals are encouraged to use the materials in this toolkit to engage members about their rights under Article 37 and new language around 8-hour requests. This toolkit also includes a new tracking sheet to help members record 9.5 violations during the calendar year and be ready to request a 9.5 compliance meeting with the company after the fifth 9.5 penalty grievance has been paid out.

In this toolkit:

8-Hour Requests Leaflet

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Social Media Content

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Attention UPS Teamster drivers: Our new contract reduces the notice required for an 8-hour request from 5 calendar days to 3 workdays. It also doubles the penalty for an 8-hour request violation from 2 hours straight time to 2 hours at double time. And UPS is required to adjust a driver’s dispatch before start time.

You entitled to TWO fulfilled 8-hour requests each month. And management must make further adjustment to your load if you notify them by 1:00 pm that you cannot complete. UPS is also required to approve 10 percent of the 8-hour requests from all drivers in a center on a given day.

UPS doesn’t care about your time. As Teamsters, we don’t have to worry about what management cares about – because we have a strong contract. But the contract only works when we enforce it!

New 9.5 Compliance Tracking Sheet

Use the following sheet to track each week when there is a 9.5 violation. When you have MORE THAN FOUR (4) paid out in the year, get with your Teamster steward to request your 9.5 compliance meeting.

Reminder: Contract Enforcement Trainings

Contract Enforcement Trainings are available to assist locals with educating business agents, stewards, and rank-and-filers on contract enforcement at UPS. Trainings have been held at more than 100 locals so far. This five-hour program includes an overview of:

If your local is interested in hosting a Contract Enforcement Training by the International, please reach out to the Training and Grants Department at (202) 624-8724.

Share Photos & Videos

Follow the instructions below for submitting photos and videos from your local union’s contract enforcement activities, parking lot meetings, etc. We will feature content from UPS locals on the International’s social media platforms.

To submit image or video files from your phone:

  1. CLICK HERE to upload files and indicate your local union and location of the action. OR…
  2. Open the UPS Teamsters app, click on the ≡ menu icon on the top left of the screen, and select “Share Action Photos/Videos.” Upload your files and indicate your local union. OR…
  3. Email your files to UPSvictory@teamster.org. Remember to include your local union, as well as the UPS center/location where the action took place.