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Teamsters Listening to Candidates on the Trail

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Today, the Teamster Nation Blog kicks off a new weekly feature that will detail key issue responses from the 2020 presidential candidate field. It will highlight Teamster interactions with the candidates on the campaign trail, including answers to questions posed to them from union members and staff. We hope you find it useful.

Wednesday, Aug. 14

  • Franconia, N.H.: Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts, talked about teachers unions and the value they bring to the community in this video clip.

Friday, Aug. 16

  • Rochester, N.H.: Teamster members questioned Steve Bullock about pensions and retirement security, and he told them he’ll back measures to support pensions. The Montana governor also responded that he supports the Butch Lewis Act and that if Congress doesn’t pass it during this legislative session that he will support it as president. Additionally, he talked about boosting federal infrastructure funding to update the power grid in the western U.S. as part of an effort to address climate change

Monday, Aug. 19

  • Davenport, Iowa: Bernie Sanders, speaking about workers’ rights and collective bargaining, talked about the importance of unions in creating a good economy. The Vermont senator also discussed wage equality and increasing the minimum wage.