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Message from Teamsters National Freight Division Director Ernie Soehl

As we all know, we find ourselves in strange and unprecedented times. We don’t have a manual or training guide to take us through every situation that is going to come up. The situation is changing by the hour AND the plan we might come up with one minute is outdated the next. We just have to use good judgment and common sense. Each industry, and each workplace within each industry is different. BUT… the top priority through it all is keeping our members and the public as safe as possible.

Report from the Brewery and Soft Drink Workers Conference Director Greg Nowak

We are in daily contact with our largest employers and our Locals.  For example, with Anheuser-Busch, we have addressed issues regarding quarantines, personal protection equipment, etc.  To date, we have not had anyone laid off at A-B.  What we have found is that if a production line isn't running, then workers are assigned to cleaning machines, etc.  to maintain the highest standards to protect our members.

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly within the United States. President Trump has declared the outbreak a national emergency, as have many states. Nurses and other healthcare workers are responding by caring for patients with COVID-19 in many communities. Protecting healthcare workers from exposure should be a high priority so that they can continue to care for patients without getting sick or spreading the infection to their communities. View the factsheet, here.

An update from Building and Construction Trades Division Director Marion (Bubba) Davis:

Despite the national emergency, some projects at energy plants nationwide are continuing.  Teamsters provide bus transportation at these construction sites and therefore extra cleaning has been undertaken for the buses in order to comply with CDC guidelines. In some cases, we have increased the number of busses in order to comply with social distancing suggestions.