Training and Development


The IBT Training and Development Department is one of a number of departments at the International Headquarters that provides assistance to our local unions and other Teamster affiliates through educational programs and materials.

The Teamsters Leadership Academy (TLA) offers in-depth training for Teamster leaders who represent members, bargain contracts, organize workers and oversee the day-to-day activities of a local union. You may access more information about our TLAs here.

Since 1978, we have offered Affiliate Training Programs in which our programs, at the request of the Principal Officer, come to you. We train Teamster stewards, officers, business representatives and organizers/activists on such topics as grievance handling, organizing, strategic planning and member mobilization.

The Teamsters History Project is part of the Training and Development Department and includes the Teamsters History Book series, oral histories and archival collections. Staff members work closely with the Teamsters Labor History Research Center at The George Washington University which houses the Teamsters archives, and they provide presentations on various historical events and individuals. Click here for more information on the Teamsters History Project and the Teamsters Labor History Research Center at The George Washington University.