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GCC Local Defeats Decert Attempt


Workers at Quad Graphics in Pennsylvania Proud to be GCC

“A union ensures a democratic process that protects workers and benefits everybody,” was how Hank Stargell, a 30-year employee of Quad Graphics in Chalfont, Penn., summed up their recent victory against a decertification campaign.

As a longtime employee, Stargell has been there long enough to experience what the job is like with and without union representation. “Over the years, the union (Graphic Communications Conference/GCC) has been able to negotiate contracts which gave us stability and better wages,” Stargell said.

But, despite the advances on the job site, the GCC pulled out all the stops to punch back the decertification campaign which began last December. 

“We used postcards, calls, and a texting program in order to get the word out about the company’s distorted information and how valuable being part of a union is,” said Rick Street, a GCC organizer. “And it worked! The decert failed by an overwhelming majority of the over-300 person unit voting against it.”

Growth through solidarity is how Steve Nobles, GCC Secretary-Treasurer, sees the victory. “They are hardworking at Quad Graphics and we are proud to have them as members,” he said.

This particular Quad Graphics facility prints a great deal of direct mail pieces, especially during political campaigns.

“I expect our work is really going to pick up in the next few months and I want to thank everyone at the plant and with the GCC who helped us to this victory,” Stargell said.