Campaign Literature

The following fliers have been used in the FedEx Freight and Con-way Freight organizing campaigns across the country.

Health care Flier

statistics on average superiority of union health care plans.Note that your local number needs to be added in the first line of text.

Teamsters Working for Us Flier

Flier describing company’s decision to provide an 80-cents-per hour raise since the Teamsters filed at Local 107.

Scorecard Flier

describes how Teamster involvement forced company to drop its driver scorecard.



Teamster Power at UPS Freight

UPS Freight Teamsters lend their voices to the campaign, showing what a Teamsters contract has meant for them.

At-Will Employee Flier

We are at-will employees Right now the Company workers are at-will and can be fired for any reason. Workers need the protections of a Teamster contract.


What Company Cannot Do Flier

Flier listing anti-union behavior that the company and its officials legally cannot do.

Our Pay Raise Flier

Shortly after workers started organizing with the Teamsters, the company announced the big pay raise. The union is already working for Con-way workers.

Come Join Us! Flier

Workers who have organized with the union send a message to their co-workers in other locations.

The Truth About Strikes

A flier discussing the truth about strikes.