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  • Listen to Teamster Nation News for July 8-14


    High Court Case Could Hurt Public Sector Unions; Better Job Numbers Don’t Tell Full Story of Economy; Local 215 Takes on Union Busting Efforts of School District; Summer Jobs Shrink for Teens; Organizing News; A Blueprint for Getting America Back on Track


    Lawsuit Attempts to Upend Public Sector Workers; Stagnant Wages are a Sign That Recovery is Still Not Here; Indiana School District Tries to Disarm Teamsters; Disadvantaged Teens are Most Likely not to Have Summer Jobs; Mass. Danafilms Workers Join Local 170; Business Needs to Buy in to Turn Economy Around

  • Listen to Teamster Nation News for July 1-7


    Termination of Sysco-US Foods Deal a Win for Workers; Obama Pushes for Higher Overtime Pay Threshold; Teamsters Urge Congress to Take Stand for Highway Safety; Calling out Toyota for Using Non-Union Companies; N.Y. Panel Calls for Higher Minimum Wage; Contract News; This Week in Teamster Music; Housing Costs are too Damn High!


    Labor Relations Could Improve now that Sysco Merger is Done; White House Proposal Would Make 5M More Workers Eligible for OT; Dangerous Provisions Threaten Safety of Driving Public; Despite Record Profits, Toyota uses Non-Union Workers; $15 Wage is Possible for NY Fast-Food Workers, Panel says; Rosanne Cash Talks Union and Music; Buying, Renting Both Expensive for Workers

  • Listen to Teamster Nation News for June 24-30

    Senate Sides With Corporations On Fast Track; Teamsters Issue Support For New Pension Bill; Allegiant Travel Shareholders Back IBT Proposal; Fed Ex Unit To Pay $228M To Calif. Drivers; Contract News; Organizing News; This Week In Teamster Music; Misclassification Is A Significant Problem For Workers

  • Listen To Teamster Nation News For June 17-23

    Fast Track Supporters Use Procedural Hurdles To Schedule Another Vote; United Maintenance Workers Warn Investors Of Problems; Wash. Corrections Workers Demand New State Budget Agreement, Organizing News, This Week In Teamster Music; Safety Of Motorists Could Be Jeopardized By Transportation Bill

  • Listen To Teamster Nation News For June 10-16

    Fast Track Vote is Looming In House; SoCal Port Truck Drivers Seek Company Recognition; BLET’s Pierce Talks About Rail Safety At House Hearing; Carhaul Contract Negotiations Begin; Contract News; Organizing News; Remembering Walter Shea; This Week In Teamster Music; Making College Affordable Is Key To America’s Future

  • Listen To Teamster Nation News For June 3-9


    Teamsters, Fair Trade Allies Demand USTR Release TPP Text; Raising Awareness About Sysco In Michigan; IBT Wants Allegiant Travel Shareholders To Support Executive Pay Proposal; Funeral Directors Call Out SCI Business Practices; Local 120 Questions Amazon’s Motives In Minnesota; BLET Leader Talks About Two-Man Crew; Organizing News; This Week In Teamster Music; Banks Need To Be Shown Who’s Boss


    Fast Track Opponents March To USTR Office, Demand Entrance; Teamsters Let Mich. Restaurants Know About Sysco’s Transgressions; Allegiant Travel’s Executive Windfalls Need To Be Limited, IBT Says Funeral Giant SCI Is Failing Communities It Serves; Amazon  Won’t Pay A Fair Wage To Workers At Minn. Facility, Local 120 Says; BLET’s Pierce Raises Warning About Freight Safety; SF Residential Counselors Join Local 856; Kansas Red Cross Workers Align With Local 795; Steve Earle Sings For Port Truck Drivers; and It’s Time To Get The Financial Industry Under Control

  • Listen To Teamster Nation News For May 20-26


    Teamsters, Safety Advocates Speak Out About Proposed Rollback Of Truck Safety Rules; IBT-Backed Shareholder Proposal Wins Support From Swift Transportation Shareholders; GOP Lawmaker Wants NLRB Defunded; Contract News; This Week In Teamster Music; Senate Fast Track Push Doesn’t Stop Criticism Of Trade


    Standing Up To Congressional Efforts To Reduce Truck Safety Regulations; Proposal Ordering Stock Structure Change At Swift Transportation Overwhelmingly Approved; Corporate Cronies Want To Disarm NLRB While Raking In Record Profits; Local 237 NYC Housing Authority Workers Reach Tentative Contract Deal; Remembering B.B. King Singing For Farmers; More Trade Problems Come Out Of The Woodwork As Senate Considers Fast Track


Retiree Health Insurance

This program consists of several different benefits for Teamster retirees. These Teamster benefits can help you and your family cut the rising cost of health care.